It's In Your Face - Ginger Bisplinghoff, RN, BS, Holistic Specialist, Author
                 Business CPR
      Communication, Productivity, Respect

  Using face reading skills to inspire teamwork in the workplace

This workshop is designed to bring valuable face reading information into the business world:

Build your most productive team;
~  Know within seconds how to greet a new client or co-worker;
~  Understand the difference between innate and learned
~  Appreciate verbal/expressive styles;
~  Know the speed at which an individual can process new
~  Determine who is best at future planning;
~  Know who can just get things done;
~  Know how to handle objections;
~  Develop respect and appreciation for different work styles;
~  Understand how people determine priority - value received or

Contact Ginger to schedule a consultation regarding workshops for your business or organization:
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