It's In Your Face - Ginger Bisplinghoff, RN, BS, Face Reader & Author

Every Face Tells a Story!    What's Yours?

F - If you have large irises, why do you FEEL so deeply?

A - Did you know that your eyelids can determine how fast you take ACTION?

C -What does the shape of your face have to do with CONFIDENCE?

E -How is your forehead related to self-EXPRESSION?

In Ginger's 208 page book, It's In Your Face - The True You Revealed, you will discover that your life story is written on your face. All of your experiences, perceptions and natural abilities are there for the world to see.

By recognizing individual  structures and understanding the dynamics at play, you will begin to build stronger relationships with those around you.

Learn to honor who you are, appreciate your capabilities and share the essence of YOU with the rest of the world!

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It's In Your Face - The True You Revealed
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